Honeycomb activated carbon filter

Honeycomb  activated carbon filter

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Country of Origin︰China

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Specifications︰ Specification:100*100*30mm/300holes/in2
100*50*30mm/300holes in2
50*42*30 mm/250holes/ in2
50*50*30mm/100holes/ in2 note:other size will design by the request from customers
air flow resistance:≤ 24pa/1m/s• thickness:30mm
Capacity ::2000—20000cube meter/hr
specific surface area::≥600m2/g
compress strength:1.2—2.4M pa
bezene removal:≥99%
formaldehyde removal :≥90%

Advantages︰ * low air flow resistance
*high specific surface area with high adsorption
*high compress strength