Deodorization--Honeycomb activated carbon filter

Deodorization--Honeycomb activated carbon filter

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Product Description

Deodorization--Honeycomb activated carbon with special catalyst filter is the good materials for remove amonia and hydrogen has the  low air flow resistance,high specific surface area with high adsorption and high compress strength,so it is a  good adsorption filter  used in air purifier.

Specifications︰ Specification:100*100*30mm/300holes/in2
100*50*30mm/300holes in2
50*42*30 mm/250holes/ in2
50*50*30mm/100holes/ in2 note:other size will design by the request from customers
air flow resistance:≤ 24pa/1m/s• thickness:30mm
Capacity ::2000—20000cube meter/hr
specific surface area::≥600m2/g
compress strength:1.2—2.4M pa
Amonia removal:≥93%
hydrogen sulphide removal :≥99%

Advantages︰ * low air flow resistance
*high specific surface area with high adsorption
*high compress strength
*good and high speed for deodorization