Glass Fibre Felt

Glass Fibre Felt

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Glass Fibre Felt



By applying high-count fiberglass, GFNF series has the excellent properties such as heat-isolation, fire-resistance, anti-corrosion and heat-preservation. It's the most characteristic and newest heat-preservation material of inorganic silicate at present.


(1) Lightness, heat resisting, low thermal capacity and low thermal
conductivity, soft and excellent fire-isolation.
(2) Anti-heat energy and heat stability.
(3) Anti-mildew, anti-insect, un-scattered and good stretching resistance.
(4) Excellent anti-ageing.
(5) Excellent sound absorbability, adsorption and filtering.
(6) It can be cut, sewn according to requirements and it's also easy to construct.


(1) This mat is widely used for wrapping material of all kinds of heat source
(coal, electricity, oil, and gas) and heat-presentation of central air-
conditioning pipelines.
(2) It can be used as the materials for heat-isolation and fire-resistance.
(3) It can be used as the materials for seal, sound absorption filtering and
(4) Excellent material for heat-conducting, heat-presentation.
(5) It can be used as materials for sound isolation, heat insulation and heat-
resistance in vehicles, vessels and aircrafts.
(6) It can also be used for touching fire and all kinds of flue in which the
temperature is less than 600.

Specifications︰ GLASS FIBER FELT
GFF-03 GFF-05 GFF-10
Thickness mm > 3 > 5 > 10
weight (g/m2) 500-600 700-800 900-1000
heat-resisting (℃) 600 600 600
thermal conductivity (kcal/m.h.c) 0.055 0.0457 0.028
tensile strength (N/cm2) 400 500 500
width (±50mm) 1000~2000 1000 ~2000 1000 ~2000
Thickness: 3/4/5/6/8/10/12/15mmm