Glass Fibre tissue

Glass Fibre tissue

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Product Description

Fiber made from melted glass that is drawn into a thin fiber less than a thousandth of an inch in diameter. The fiber may be spun into threads and woven into fabrics which suitable for many applications ,such as removal of micron and submicron size particulates from both liquids and gases,or used in an acoustic, electrical, or thermal insulating material.

PB-30 TBH-30 TBMH-1 TBM-30 TBG
Tensile strength KN/M
radial 60 55 40 45 45
KN/M latitudinal 60 55 40 40 45
Initial resistance Pa 55 50 80 100 120
Precision μm 60 60 40 20 5
Filter efficiency % 85 85 95 99 99.9
Width mm 600,1000
Use Air and gases filter, liquid filter, gas oil separation and filter part of the machine (compressor).

Advantages︰ Feature:
1. Lightness, heat resisting, low thermal capacity and low thermal conductivity, soft and excellent fire-isolation.
2. Anti-heat energy and heat stability.
3. Anti-mildew, anti-insect, un-scattered and good stretching resistance.
4. Excellent anti-ageing.
5. Excellent sound absorbability, adsorption and filtering.
6. It can be cut, sewn according to requirements and it's also easy to construct.

1. These products are widely used for wrapping material of all kinds of heat source (coal, electricity, oil, and gas) and heat-presentation of central air-conditioning pipelines.
2. It can be used as the materials for heat-isolation and fire-resistance.
3. It can be used as the materials for seal, sound absorption filtering and insulation.
4. Excellent material for heat-conducting, heat-presentation.
5. It can be used as materials for sound isolation, heat insulation and heat-
6. It can also be used for touching fire and all kinds of flue in which the temperature is less than 600℃.