structural cartridge--removie arsenic

structural cartridge--removie arsenic

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Product Description

Specially used for getting rid of the exceeding-standard arsenic in drinking water. the rate of removing arsenic is over than 95%.
It's measured by Institute of Environmental Health Monitoring(IEHM),Chinese Academy of Preventive Medicine(CAPM)that
the water quality has reached not only national sanitary for drinking water of China but also such standard of WHO,USA and EC.

Specifications︰ Aperture:0.1μm--50μm
Tensile strength:>4Mpa
Resistance to impact:>4.5Mpa
Deformation temperature:≥100℃
Filtration efficiency: particles of 1μm(with filter cartridge of 10mm thick)can be completely removed.
Adsorptive capacity of Benzene:40--90%
Adsorption rate of carbon tetrachloride:60--90%
Operating pressure drop:0.1-0.2 kgF/c㎡
Maximum pressurization :7kgF/c㎡
Maximum pressure drop:4kgF/c㎡
Maximum flow:8L/min(water △ρ=0.15kgF/c㎡,with filter cartridge of 10 inch)

Advantages︰ 1.High-accurate separation.
2.Preferential adsorption.
3.Tasty water quality.
4.Strong pertinence.
5.Safeness and reliability.
6.Easy to popularize.