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Product Description

Ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene ( UHMWPE ) is an outstanding engineering plastic. It’s characterized by the following properties.
(1)Very high abrasion resistance
(2)Very high impact strength
(3)Very low coefficient friction
(4)Good self-lubricant
(5)Excellent resistance to chemicals
(6)Good resistance to low temperature.
(7)Excellent dielectric properties

Specifications︰ UHMWPE PIPES
SIZE:OD:8~630mm X ID:5~600mm
Wall thickness:3.0~57.2mm
Length:1000 mm min

★Abrasion Resistance and Self-lubricant : marine fender, truck liners, gearing wheels, bearing bushes, sliding elements, chute liners, bunker liners, chain wear strip, guide strips and liners. paper and cardboard Industry, suction blades, foil blades, scraper and deflecting blades etc.
★Excellent Impact Strength : lug straps, picker stickers, loom pickers, picker shields and spinning etc.
★Hygienically : food processing, slide guide mechanisms, cutting boards, rammers, rolling pins, chopping blocks and moulds etc.
★High Resistance to Chemical Solvents: pump casings, seals, spray nozzles, agitator screws, acid pump impellers and valve liners, electroplating plating drums etc.