graphite felt

graphite  felt

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Country of Origin︰China

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Specifications︰ Graphite felts graphitized under 2200C high temperature

Both PAN based and Rayon based graphite felts.
Unit PAN Graphite felt Rayon Graphite felt
Bulk density 0.14 0.1
Carbon Content 99.9 99.9

Processing Temp all under 2200

- Vacuum furnace insulation
- Inert gas furnace insulation
- Polysilicon, Monocrystalline silicon furnace insulation
- Sapphire growth furnace

4. Standard dimension
Thickness Width Length
10mm 1200mm 12.00 meter

- High purity
- Low thermal conductivity
- High-temperature stability
- Easy machinability
- the very low ash content.