graphite board

graphite board

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Specifications︰ PAN board Rayon board.
Item Unit PAN Rayon
Bulk Density 0.18 0.16
Bending Strength 2.5-3.2 2.5-3.2
Tensile strength 2.8-6.8 2.8-6.8
Carbon Content 99.9 99.9

standrad size:
- Plate
Thickness Width Length
40mm 1000mm 1500mm
- Cylinder
Complete or assembled cylinder according to customers’ requests.

. Applications
- Vacuum furnace insulation
- Inert gas furnace insulation
- Polysilicon, Monocrystalline silicon furnace insulation
- Sapphire growth furnace

High-temperature stability
- low specific heat, efficient heating and cooling of hot zone.
- Low thermal conductivity.
- Smooth surface, without dropped fiber, not to pollute hot zone environment.
- Easy machining & handling, low ash,.
- Not to stab hands, not to stimulate skin, harmless for operators.